Slow Flushing Toilet

Slow Flushing Toilet – Causes and how to fix the problem

Of all residential plumbing concerns, a slow flushing toilet is a major cause of concern. When experiencing a slow-flushing toilet, it is important you hire an experienced toilet plumber near you, to investigate the issue and provide a working solution. In this post, we will examine some of the common causes of slow flushing toilet, and look at some quick fix options to guarantee you that the toilet is no longer slow flushing. Do you want to ensure improved toilets ability to flush away the wastewater quickly? Check out these common causes of slow flushing, and the remedies that we will provide later on in this post.

The Water Tank Settings

One of the common causes of slow flushing toilet in nearly all American home toilets is the water tank setting. The water tank comes with a top lid that situated directly above the toilet seat. To ensure proper flushing, the water inside the toilet water tank should be at least about half an inch from the top of the overflow tube. In case of a low water setting, this means that the toilet water tank is not providing enough water to the toilet bowl whenever you are flushing the toilet. To increase the water level in the toilet water tank, raise the float arm accordingly. This should ensure enough water supply to the toilet bowl, hence proper flushing of the toilet.

Mild Clogs will cause slow flushing toilets

When your toilet is fully clogged, the toilet will not flush, or you will experience a very slow flushing. This is one of the situations when you need a professional plumber for drain snaking. Meanwhile, mild clogs will also interrupt toilet-flushing experience. You could be experiencing mild buildup in the sewer line or directly past the toilets trap pipe, which is the J-shaped pipe beneath the toilet water tank. If there is a mild clog in the J-shaped pipe, you may experience resisted water flow whenever you are flushing the toilet. The sewer line clogging occurs when you flush foreign objects down the toilet or the toilet bowl is often overfilled. Contact a plumber for investigation of what could be causing the slow flushing toilet. Snaking the drain will assist when you are experiencing mild clog or full clog affecting toilet flushing.

Using Hard Water

Presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonates in water is also another possible cause of slow flushing toilets. Although these minerals will not affect your health, they cause damage to your toilet and the toilets piping. Calcium, magnesium carbonates and other minerals occur when water flows over limestone that is underground and may stay behind when water flows through the sewer line. Therefore, if you are using hard water to flush your toilet, contact a plumber to determine if this could be the cause of slow flushing toilet.

Improper toilet ventilation

Improper toilet ventilation is a complex issue and one that is tricky to fix. If your toilet has poor ventilation, this means you are lacking proper pressure to allow flushing of the toilet. Contact a professional plumber to ensure a precise system of pressure physics, in order to resolve the improper toilet ventilation issue.

Now you know what could be causing you slow flushing toilet. Contact a professional plumber near you to request a quick check and solution to a slow flushing toilet experience. At ABC Plumbing Service in West Hollywood, we provide professional drain snaking to help unclog toilets. We will examine the slow flushing toilet, determine the cause and provide same day solution to fix the issue. Contact us on (323)524-9896 for professional assistance.